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since 2012 ! ! !

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Double Digit: 10th Anniversary

When we found this clan back in 2012 nobody exspected to celebrate 10 years later the double digit anniversary.

But now the unexpected thing happened!

Happy Birthday =DK= to 10 years of active gaming in Sauerbraten.

We wanna say thank you to all of our 50+ members during the time who made this clan to up what we are now. Also thank you to all people and friends who support us in this time.

For 10 more active  years of =DK=!

Fighting the dark(-ness) since 2012!



emma* - she was just send from heaven to the dark hell of some weird DrugKeepers.

Her name is derived from the Germanic word ermen meaning "whole" or "universal".

She really knows exactly how to use guns - doesn't matter which kind of.

How is she supposed to help the crazy people on the margin of society?

Let me explain: "With her special skills and talents, she is able to actively support the drug kitchen.."

Welcome emma* !!!

Kind Regards

The Dark Keepers

Furry Degenerate

Being a furry you can assume that sauerbratens social acceptance isn't a huge priority for you.

But always keep in mind that there is a small amount of people who accept you as you are, people on the margin of society - The Dark Keepers.

Why would it be a good option to consider joining the dark side - I mean we have cookies and drugs.

You all know the effect of drugs, e.g. the health-impairing effects. Nevertheless there is no problem because you can always feel free to contact Dr. Hamonski.

He will help you by giving you some good bath salths to smoke.

Also our thearapists will help you alot. You could also hump the consultation assistance or organize furry sex orgies with other patients.

By the way don't you dare stealing the magazines in the waiting room. We spend a lot of money on the abos.

Welcome Furry!!!

Kind Regards

The Dark Keepers

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Being a furry you can assume that sauerbratens social acceptance isn't a huge priority for you.

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Super_Girl - the italian superheroin.

 Kara Zor-El a.k.a. Supergirl was sent to sauerbraten from Krypton

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Neko" - the japanese word for cat. It refers to cats or characters in anime or manga that have catlike features.


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