GustavoLapasta application

1 year 7 months ago #4836 by GustavoLapasta
Hello gentlemen
I'd like to apply to the DarkKeepers' clan.

- Contry/timezone: Italy
- Fluent languages: italian, english
- Age: I'm definitely past 16yo
- Ingame nicks(s): GustavoLapasta, pimp
- Favorite map(s) / mode(s): tempest, garden, akroseum. Insta_ctf mostly.
The reason why you want to join the Dark Keepers: I've been homeless since the Crowd clan vanished, I'm looking for another clan that is actively working *for* the Sauer community.

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1 year 6 months ago #4837 by hamon
Replied by hamon on topic GustavoLapasta application
Hey Gustavo, nice to see your app here.
Stay as much as you can in contact with us and enjoy games with us, we are mostly active on discord. You are also welcome in our funny voicechat evenings if you want :-)
I wish you good luck with your app :-)

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