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Bhai Tera Fragger Ek Number

Someone told me about an indian player called addixn and i thought myself who the fuck is addixn.

So i tried to find something about him. I asked google and got only 559 Hits. I also found a website , but the website was offline. So i clicked on random links to find more and besides the not active indian company. The 4th result send me to Pastaland and i found a small information.

He is a Bhai Tera Fragger Ek Number. I found also some sauerbratenlinks but nothing more. So i tried to find out more about Bhai Tera Fragger Ek Number but i also not really something but a cool video about an indian? rapsingle.

Seems like that we have to deal with that exotic name. Anyway i dont care who he is till he is now our Bhai Tera Fragger Ek Number.

Welcome addixn!

Avior landed

Avior Airlines is an airline based in Barcelona, Anzoátegui, Venezuela. It was founded in 1994 and has a fleet size of 24. Obviously there is one airplane that landed in the middle of Germany - hamon will not proof that :D. Maybe just checkout www.aviorair.com for more specific information. In the past the airplane "Avior" supported a lot of games for "rse" right from the air. Now he is going to show the whole "sauerworld" his wing rockets which goes along with his further sauer career and his new clan "The Dark Keepers". Welcome Avior ! ! ! Kind Regards The Dark Keepers

ASTRO-F satelite landed

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce a satellite developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, in cooperation with institutes of Europe and Korea, landed right between the Darkkeepers Community and the Corona virus.The Akari (ASTRO-F) is an in infrared astronomy satellite.

It was launched on 21 February 2006, at 21:28 UTC. Finally it arrived back at earth in 11 April 2020 16:00 UTC. Its primary mission was to survey the entire sky in near-, mid- and far-infrared, through its 68.5 cm (27.0 in) aperture telescope. Since the telescope got destroyed the satellite started an automatically research on planet earth.

Now it's official - =DK=scope was the best decision. Welcome =DK=Akari ! ! !

You made it into our ranks and we would be really pleased to enjoy a lot of games together with you!

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